The Focus Wildlife team is comprised of consummate professionals possessing an outstanding work ethic driven by their true and evident passion for their profession.
— Matt Lewis, GM, Kirby Offshore Marine

Chris Battaglia, President, Co-founder, Owner

Chris Battaglia is co-founder and President of Focus Wildlife and has been actively involved in oiled wildlife response since 1988. Beginning with the Exxon Valdez in 1989, he has participated in the wildlife response portion of over eighty oil spills nationally and internationally. After receiving his MA in Teaching and Teacher Education in 2000, Chris became the Education Director for International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) in California. During that time, he also co-managed the Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) Los Angeles Oiled Bird Care and Education Center.

Over the course of his career in oiled wildlife, Chris has worked in every aspect of response, ranging from wildlife assessment to facilities management, deterrence and capture to management of responses, and animal care operations to agency and media liaison. Chris determined capacity and resource requirements for the rehabilitation infrastructure in the largest oiled wildlife response effort to date, in South Africa in 2000 (M/V Treasure), in which over 40,000 oiled African Penguins were successfully rehabilitated and/or relocated. Chris specializes in the development and maintenance of deterrence and hazing plans, equipment and techniques; post-incident capture of oiled wildlife; and response facility infrastructure and design.

Lana Battaglia, Director, Co-founder, Owner


Lana Battaglia is the co-founder/owner of Focus Wildlife, and the principal architect behind its formation as a professional oiled wildlife response contractor. During her years as the rehabilitation manager at Wild ARC on Vancouver Island, she was troubled that in BC, and elsewhere, general wildlife rehabilitation NGOs were tasked with being the sole care providers for wildlife impacted by oil spills. Lana recognized that the skills, resources, and infrastructure required to properly address oiled wildlife issues were well beyond the mandate, resources and capacity of general wildlife rehabilitation organizations. 

Work with International Bird Rescue (IBR) in California, the management of the UC Davis Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) oiled wildlife/seabird facility in Los Angeles, and participation in global oiled wildlife response efforts with IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) confirmed her beliefs.  Those years cemented her determination to bring critical knowledge and expertise in oiled wildlife response, management, and rehabilitation to the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and BC in particular. 

Lana’s mission has been to build a company that will enable industry and government to confidently and reliably call upon a highly professional oiled wildlife response organization in the case of an emergency.  In fulfilling this mission, Focus Wildlife provides world class response services not only to wildlife impacted by oil spills, but to the community as a whole.

Jenny Schlieps, Program Manager, Rehabilitation Manager

Jenny Schlieps is the Program Manager and Rehabilitation Manager for Focus Wildlife. She began working with wildlife in 1994 and has extensive experience with a broad range of wildlife species including, but not limited to, seabirds, waterfowl, raptors, passerines, terrestrial and aquatic mammals, turtles, amphibians, large carnivores and marine mammals. She has actively responded to oil spills since 2003. She specializes in wildlife assessment, field stabilization and direct animal care.

Jenny’s primary role is operational and animal care management during the course of a response. In her role for Focus Wildlife consulting services, she assists with oiled wildlife response planning and animal care standards. She also serves on the Focus Wildlife training team, providing valuable input to wildlife response and safety training courses.

She is a founding and current board member of the Washington Wildlife Rehabilitation Association (WWRA) and serves on the board of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA). She graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and holds a certificate from the University of Washington in Applied Animal Behavior.

Charlie Hebert, Response Planning Manager

Charlie is a wildlife biologist serving as the Response Planning Manager for Focus Wildlife. Charlie also serves on the Focus Wildlife training team, providing valuable input to wildlife response and safety training courses.


Charlie served for 33 years as a wildlife biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Charlie most recently served as the Spill Response Coordinator for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 1, in Portland, Oregon. His primary role was to assist field personnel in responding to oil spills in the Pacific Region. Additionally he provided assistance with response technologies and area contingency planning for RRT10 and The Northwest Area Contingency Plan.

Charlie also frequently assisted other FWS Regions on larger oil spills and oil spill contingency planning. He worked on many of the larger oil spills that have occurred in the United States in the past 20 years, including serving as Deputy Wildlife Branch Director during the Deepwater Horizon.

Charlie began working for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1979, conducting waterfowl research with the Migratory Bird Management Office. He “moved up” to Refuges in 1981 and subsequently worked at 5 field stations, comprised of 22 National Wildlife Refuges across the United States. Charlie began working with oil spills in Louisiana in 1984 at Delta National Wildlife Refuge where spills were a frequent occurrence. Prior to moving to Portland, Charlie was the Refuge Manager of the Rhode Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex and served as the Field Response Coordinator for oil spills in southern New England. Charlie graduated from Louisiana State University with a B.S. in Forestry and an M.S. in Wildlife Management.